Care Guide

ESPORA has carefully selected premium materials to handcraft your new product. Its natural leather is unique: any incidental tonal variations, marks or veins are natural features, and should not be considered as imperfections. To ensure keeping your bag in perfect condition, please follow our product care guide.

  • If your bag or leather item should come into contact with water, do not wipe the leather. Rather, dab it with a soft, neutral-coloured cloth to absorb the moisture.
  • To clean it, you can wipe it delicately using a clean and soft cloth.
  • Avoid using commercial products meant for other uses, such as shoe polish, turpentine, oil, stain-removers, creams, alcohols, solvents.
  • Be careful not to rub your bag against coarse or abrasive surfaces. Light scratches can attenuate if gently massaged with a soft, dry cloth.
  • If your bag becomes soiled, consult a specialist cleaner.
  • Pale-coloured bags, especially white, beige, nude or light taupe, are particularly sensitive to light, dust and stains. It is very difficult to return them to their original finish.
  • Occasionally, a slight transfer of colour can occur with leather when rubbed, specially in humid environments. Keep this in mind, particularly with suede or suede-like leather, when wearing light-coloured garments.
  • To preserve the original quality and shape of your ESPORA and ensure its long life, avoid over exposure to light, heat and humidity, as well as overfilling it. When not in use, we recommend stuffing your bag with tissue paper and storing it upright in its protective bag in a cool and dry place.

Logo & hardware

  • Each golden ESPORA logo is carefully placed by hand on the leather via a heat transferred foil print.
  • We use Italian gold-plated hardware on our products with top lacquer protection.
  • Non golden logo neither gold plated hardware will lose clarity and colour if handled with special care.
  • Avoid any contact with other surfaces. Avoid all contacts with liquids and especially creams, hand lotions or perfumes.
  • As we will make sure you receive your bag in perfect conditions, please note that ESPORA cannot accept on a later stage any complaints due to loss of colour, loss of clarity and/or damages of either golden logo or hardware.

Remember that for any further information or special requests, our staff are always at your service at

At ESPORA, we cannot be liable for the improper use of items outside our recommendations or for the manipulation of our designs without the supervision of our professionals.